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barn bird house

Barn Bird House

A barn bird house can be purchased or built with a kit or plan.  It serves the purpose of all bird houses and provides shelter and protection for the birds.  For more information on bird house kits, click here. 

Different species of birds have different requirements for their habitats.  It's a good idea to know what type of birds you want to attract when you choose your bird house.

About fifty different species of birds are known to nest in bird houses. They naturally would nest in a decaying tree or hollow log but this natural habitat is quickly disappearing. 

It may take a little while for a family to move into your bird house, but if you place it where it feels safe to the birds, they will come. 

Birds have become more dependent upon us for houses.  And we become more dependent upon them for the entertainment.  We very much enjoy watching the eggs hatch and the tiny birds grow.

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bird house designs, click here.

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