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bird feeder

Bird Feeder

A bird feeder is a great way to attract different birds to your yard.  Some feeders hold seeds while some hold a sweet syrupy nectar and some hold animal fat.  Each are designed to attract different species of birds. 

We've shopped around and here are some of our favorite Bird feeders for sale.  You can learn a lot more about birds by getting a good book or subscribing to a magazine.
If you want to attract a certain species of birds to your yard, you need to look into what type of food that species eats and how to best deliver that food to that bird.

If you would like to attract a variety of birds to your yard, put out several different styles of feeders.  Seed feeders are available that hold very tiny seeds or large sunflower seeds.  Tray feeders can hold bread and crackers as well as seeds.  Birds also like fruits, berries and nuts.

Humming birds feed on nectar so if you want to attract these amazing creatures you must offer them a nectar feeder.  Here's more information on feeding
humming birds. 
Birds will eat from your feeders both summer and winter.  If you feed birds over the summer, they will be looking for it in the winter when it is more difficult for them to find food.  If you're not going to feed them over the winter, you should stop early enough in the fall that they are not dependent upon your food.

In the spring and the fall you will see birds that are not regular visitors.  These migrating birds will be happy to stop by and get something to eat on their way through.  It can be very exciting to see some of the unusual species that will visit.  You will see these same recurring visitors year after year.

Feeding birds can be very rewarding in the entertainment that they return to you.  It is well worth the effort that it takes to keep birdfeeders.

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