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bird feeder

Bird Feeder Pole

A bird feeder pole is required to hold many bird feeders up in the air where the birds will find them.  There are many poles available in lots of different styles.

Telescoping poles, shepherds hook, and wooden poles are just a few of the choices you will find.  There are even special poles for purple martins.    

Bird feeders need to be located at different levels to accomodate different species of birds.  By choosing the right pole to hold your feeder, you can place it where the birds will best find it. 

Sometimes squirrels are a problem and you must find a way to squirrel proof your feeder.  Squirrels can often climb poles to get to the food.  If you have a lot of squirrels around, you may want to choose a pole with a baffle that keeps the squirrels from climbing. 

Make sure you use a good quality pole to hang your feeders so they last well for you and are strong enough to hold your feeders. Compare the bases to see how you will be installing your pole. It is likely you will be enjoying your bird feeders for a long time.

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