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bird house

Bird House

A bird house can be very simple in design or very elaborate as the one pictured in the photo. Either a simple or a fancy one will become a great source of entertainment.  We offer many birdhouses for sale, some are very plain and simple and some are very fancy.

They can be either purchased or built from scratch or from a kit.  They provide safety and protection for birds looking for shelter to lay their eggs and raise their young.  About fifty species of birds in North America will use birdhouses for their nests.

If you want to attract a certain species of birds, such as the bluebird, make sure your house fits the specifications for that species of bird.  Here's more information on a
bluebird house.    

When deciding on a particular house ask for what species it is designed.  The dimensions of the hole and the house itself make a large difference to the birds.

If you are building one yourself, check out the preferences of the species you want to attract before you start your construction.

When you purchase a kit or a house for the birds or build your own, you need to understand what the birds are looking for when they start building their nests.  Most are quite territorial especially during the breeding season and do not allow others of their species to live within a certain range.  Placement of the houses can also be important. Most birds will only build their nests in a place where they feel safe from predators.

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