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bird house

Bird House Design

Bird house design is a matter of taste. It can be a very simple design or a very complicated one.      

You can make a bird house out of something as simple as a half gallon milk carton with an additional roof.  Or you can build one to match your house as the Tudor one pictured here.

Much of the design should reflect the needs of the birds you want to attract.  There are about fifty species of birds in North America that will nest in bird houses.  These birds have preferences as to the size and location of the entrance hole, size of the house, and some live in communities.

Some species are very territorial especially during mating season.  They do not allow other pairs of the same species to live within a certain range during breeding season.  Duplex houses don't work for these birds as the first pair will not allow a second pair to move in.

Purple martins live in communities and generally prefer eight or more pair to live in a single community.  They will move into a condominium style bird house.

Plan your design around the basics of what you want to attract.  A little forethought will bring much satisfaction down the road.

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