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bird house feeder

Bird House Feeder

A bird house feeder is a great combination of both a bird feeder and a bird house.  They are available in a wide variety of styles. 
The bird house serves the purpose of protecting the bird from the bad weather and a safe place to build a nest.  The feeder insures his survival through a bad winter.

Many birds stay in the north over the winter and struggle for food.  They are very grateful to find any food you offer. 

Not all birds will nest in bird houses.  Birds such as blue birds, finches, woodpeckers and wrens will live in bird houses.  

You can feed birds a variety of foods to keep them happy .  All kinds of seeds are available commercially.  Buy large bags as you will surely use it.  Save all baked goods from bread to donuts for the birds.  They will love them.  Check your cupboard for stale crackers etc.  Save up all fat.  You can put it in a plastic mesh bag and hang it out.  Birds will eat much that you would normally throw out.   

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