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bird house kit

Bird House Kit

A bird house kit can make a very easy woodworking project.  Many kits are available in a wide range of styles.  

Some kits are made of plastic that snaps together.  Many of the wooden kits are recommended for age 8 and older.  If you purchase a kit, it may take a very few tools to put it together - usually only a hammer and glue.  The wood is precut and the holes are predrilled. 

Some log cabin kits are available and particularly interesting to children.  A kit to build a bird house is a great project for children.

Kits are available with suction cups to attach to a window so you can actually see inside the bird house.  The birds will use this type of house only if they are not disturbed.  If there is a lot of action going on right outside the bird house, they will not stay.  We recommend you keep the curtain closed almost tight and peek through the crack. 
Some kits are available with plastic sides so you can see in the sides of the house.  At any rate, you need to remember that the birds don't want to be disturbed so watch them quietly.

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