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blue bird

Blue Bird Feeder

A blue bird feeder can be a great way to attract blue birds.  Blue birds will eat from an open tray feeder.  Their summer diet consists of bugs and berries.  By offering an open yard you will attract blue birds looking for bugs.

In the winter, they love to find homemade treats of peanut butter mixed with corn meal rolled into balls.  Blue birds also enjoy berries and small fruit.  Live mealworms that are available at bait shops and pet supply stores are a bit hit during cold months.    

Blue birds also like to bathe so if you place a bird bath near your feeder they will love to visit you.  Make sure there are perches nearby for them to land on as they enjoy preening after their bath.

Blue birds live in hollow trees or wooden fence posts so they will quickly move in if you put out a house or two for them.  Nest boxes have become very popular for attracting blue birds.  They also like open space around their nests. 

Blue birds are not really afraid of people so they don't hesitate to move in if you invite them.  Their beautiful colors make them a treat to watch.
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