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blue bird

Blue Bird House

A blue bird house  is becoming a necessity for blue birds as their natural habitat is being greatly reduced.  They rely on cavities made by woodpeckers and other natural holes to live in.  As the modern practice of clean forestry  comes into play, there are less natural places for these birds. 

A house for a blue bird needs a 1 1/2" entrance hole.  This will exclude starlings which compete with the blue birds for nesting sites. 

The floor of the house should be about 5" x 5".  The height should be about 8" with the entrance being about 6" above the floor.  
Place the box four to five foot from the ground to discourage the house sparrows and as far away from human habitation as possible.  Fence posts are a great place to mount them.  Be sure to locate them in a sunny area. 

You may place three nesting boxes for blue birds in a one acre garden but they must be spaced at least 400 feet apart.  Bluebirds are very territorial and will fight if living too close together. 

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