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Cardinal Bird Feeder

A cardinal bird feeder is a necessity in the winter.  Cardinals don't migrate like most songbirds so they need to find food during the cold winter months.  They are seed eaters so you can expect to attract cardinals to your feeder.

They eat sunflower and safflower seeds and also like cracked corn.  Cardinals will search out cornfields for pieces of corn.  You can also offer apples, bread, crackers, peanuts and suet.

You can feed cardinals at a tray feeder or try ground suet on a ground feeder.  If you put out sunflower seeds, you're sure to draw them in.

Cardinals are found in the Midwest, East and parts of the Southwest. They are not found in the Northwest. Female cardinals have pale brown feathers with a bright orange bill. The male cardinals are bright red and get even brighter as the spring approaches.

They are a fairly aggressive bird especially in the spring during mating season.  Cardinals add a beautiful splash of red to the snow in the winter.  They are a beautiful bird to watch sing a wonderful song.  Most people who feed birds readily welcome the cardinal.   

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