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Cardinal Bird House

A cardinal builds a nest and does not generally live in a cardinal bird house. They build cup nests firmly attached to forks of small branches in thick underbrush or vines from 2 to 12 feet off the ground.    

If you want to attract cardinals to your yard, you should provide them with thickets and shrubs for them to live in.  They will nest in honeysuckle thickets, small evergreens and shrubs. They also like rose bushes.

Cardinals do not migrate and will choose a place to live early in life.  During mating season they will become extremely aggressive in protecting their breeding area from other cardinals.

You can also attract cardinals with feeders.  they prefer sunflower seeds and will scrape away other seeds to find the sunflower seeds.   They will also eat bread, nuts, berries and peanut butter mix.

Like other birds, cardinals enjoy water and appreciate the offering of a bird bath in the summer. There are many ways to encourage the cardinal to visit.

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