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bird house

Decorative Bird House

A decorative bird house can be a great addition to your house.  There are many different styles offered for sale.  You can even choose one to match your house.

Birds will move into a bird house if it meets their needs.  Different species have different requirements as to the size, shape, and entrance hole of the bird house.

Most birds nest in pairs in one area, but purple martins prefer community living.  A purple martin house will generally house eight pairs or more of birds.  For more information on
purple martins houses, click here.

It can be very entertaining to watch a bird family build their nest, lay their eggs, and raise the young.  You can even help them out by keeping the nest box clean after they finish their use of it and by offering up bits of materials for the nest.  Short pieces of yarn or string or small bits of cloth will be quickly put to use by the birds.

Placing a bird feeder and a bird bath in your yard are other ways of attracting birds.  Take care to not place anything too close to the bird house that the birds will be upset by the nearby activity.   For more information on
bird feeders, click here.

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