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finch bird feeder

Finch Bird Feeder

A finch bird feeder will bring many birds to your yard especially in the winter when food is harder for them to find.  It takes a lot of energy to keep their little bodies warm.  Here are some feeders that finches love.

Finches love sunflower seeds and niger seeds.  They will also eat bread crumbs, crackers and fruit.  Save any baked goods, donuts, cookies and break them up for the birds.  A salt block will really attract finch.  They crave it.   

Finches will eat from tube feeders or tray feeders.  They just need a place to perch.  Be sure to keep your feeders clean make sure they have food available all winter.  They will quickly become dependent upon the food you offer. 

Nectar is a favorite of the finches.  They will stay at a nectar feeder for hours.  Finches are a large family including cardinals, grosbeaks, sparrows as well as gold finches and more. 

It is fascinating to watch the birds that you will attract to your feeder.  The birds will change as the seasons do and you will be surprised at the variety of birds that will stop by.  If you add other amenities like a bird bath (in the summer) you'll attract even more. 

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