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gourd bird house

Gourd Bird House

A gourd bird house is very simple to make and makes a fine home for several species of birds.  All that is required is a few dried gourds and a wire for hanging.

Wrens and chickadees will move into a gourd although they prefer a nest box.  Purple martins love group gourd housing, so place many gourds in one area if you wish to attract them.  They prefer housing for at least eight pair of purple martins in one area.

Use gourds  that are thoroughly dried and were grown from birdhouse gourd seeds.  The gourd will feel very light when dry.  Whack the gourd against your palm to loosen the seeds.  Cut a hole large enough for the birds to enter and clean out the inside.  Save and dry some of the seeds to grow more gourds.

Drill a small hole through the neck of the gourd just below the stem.  Insert a wire to hang the house.  Gourds can also be used as bird feeders by cutting open a larger opening.   
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