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hand made bird house

Handmade Bird House

A handmade bird house can be a palace for a bird in need of a safe place to build a nest.  It is very easy to make a bird house. 

Kits and plans are available to build a bird house.  For more information on
bird house kits, click here.  You can also nail together some scrap pieces of wood and end up with a suitable structure.

There are some specifications you need to follow if you are trying to attract a certain species of bird.  The size of the house and entrance hole are important to some birds.  For more information on
how to build a bird house, click here.

Birds will generally not reuse an old nest.  It is necessary to clean out the old nests after a bird family is finished with it as it can breed harmful parasites that will destroy the next young to live in it.  So you want to build the house so that you can reach in and clean it out.      
Bird houses need to shed water so the dampness stays out of it.  They need some air circulation and most of all need to be placed where predators will not harm them.  Birds generally prefer an open sunny spot near the edge of woods.  They can be placed on a pole, in a tree, against a building, or under the eaves.  
You will find that a handmade bird house can bring you some amazing entertainment.

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