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bird feeder

Homemade Bird Feeder

A homemade bird feeder can be fun and easy to build at little cost. It's a great idea for a kids project. Bird feeders are available in many styles - from very simple to extremely elaborate. If you're building your first one, you may want to start with a simple design.  For a free plan for a simple bird feeder, click here.

It doesn't matter if the bird feeder is simple or a castle. If you offer food you will attract the birds. It can be large or small. A large one is more likely to get more birds just because more can fit around at it.

If you do feed birds in the summer months and live in the cold, you'll need to feed them in the winter too. If you're not going to be able to feed them over the winter, you need to stop feeding them in the fall when they have time to find new feeding grounds before the snow sets in. If you're gone for very long in the winter, have someone fill your feeders while you are gone. The birds are dependent upon you.

Different species of birds eat different foods and eat from different feeders. You may want to check out what kind of bird you will be attracting when you build your feeder. Many variety of seeds are available. Be sure to save your old bread and crackers for the birds. Some birds also like small fruits and berries.

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