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Homemade Humming Bird Feeder

A homemade humming bird feeder can be as effective as a commercial one.  The humming birds don't care if it's homemade.  They just want the sweet nectar. 

Humming birds eat bugs and drink nectar.  For a  recipe for the homemade nectar, click here.

Humming bird feeders can be made from a few things you've got around the house - anything small that will hold the syrup.  Small pill vials, water or soda bottles will work. 

It helps to paint the container red or attach some red trim.  A red ribbon works well. 
The humming birds are particularly attracted to the color red.  They can't smell but they are attracted  to the color.  That's why so many commercial humming bird feeders are red in color.  When humming birds start visiting, they will drink from any color feeder.   For more information on humming birds and their habits, click here.

Once you get humming birds to visit, you may want to purchase a commercial nectar feeder.  These are available as either an inverted bottle or a container with holes in the cover.  The humming birds reach the nectar through the holes.

Hummingbirds are fascinating to watch.  They are like tiny helicopters.  They can fly backward and can hover.  It's really worth the effort to keep a feeder full of fresh nectar to see their antics.

For more information on
humming bird habits, click here.

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