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build a bird house

How To Build A Bird House

How to build a bird house is a matter of deciding what you want to build your bird house out of.  Many bird houses are made of wood, but you can use something as simple as a half gallon milk carton with a hole cut in it and a overhanging roof added to keep it dry.

If you decide to build your bird house out of wood, you can use a kit, widely available online or follow a plan or just cut up some boards and nail them together. 

You'll just need to know a few things about the preferences of birds to understand how to attract them to your house.  If you want to attract a certain species, you'll need to look up the size of the house and the placement of the entrance hole they require.  If you don't care who moves in, you won't need to be so specific.

Once the house is built, it is necessary to place it where the birds won't be frightened away after starting their nest.  Birds, much like humans, don't like to be disturbed.  It must be placed away from predators and preferably in an open sunny area near the edge of the woods. 

After a pair of birds has raised it's family, clean out the old nest.  Birds will rarely use an old nest and it can become contaminated with harmful parasites.   

We offer free plans to build a bird house on other pages.

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