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humming bird feeder

Humming Bird Feeder

A humming bird feeder can be a fascinating addition to your yard or garden.  Feeders often provide unexpected entertainment.  Check out our hummingbird feeders for sale.

Humming birds or "hummers" are like tiny helicopters  and their antics during their mating season are a treat to watch.  They migrate southward and return in the spring, following the spring flowers as they bloom.

You can attract them with an inexpensive red plastic tube feeder which will hold a syrupy liquid.  There are also many fancy feeders for hummingbirds, such as the one pictured above.  Here are some of the hummingbird feeders available from our store. 

Hummingbirds live on insects, nectar from flowers, and the nectar we offer them in our feeders.  Here is an easy recipe for 
humming bird nectar 
to fill your feeder.  There are many books and magazines available on hummingbirds.  Be sure to check them out to learn more about hummers.

The humming birds will hover in the air beating their wings at super speed creating the humming sound as they feed on your humming bird feeders.  They are particularly attracted to the red colors so make sure you have at least one bright red one to attract them to your garden.  Humming birds will drink from all feeders that have fresh clean nectar, but the bright red ones will attract them first. 

There are many species of humming birds that offer an abundance of colors.  They are found only in the Americas.  East of the Mississippi live the ruby-throated humming birds.  In the west are many more varieties. 

Humming birds also feed on red flowers and tubular blossoms like honeysuckle.  Planting a flower garden gives the humming birds more reason to hang out at your place.  If you wish to attract only humming birds and want to discourage others, use a feeder without a perch.  Other birds require a perch to rest on as they feed.

It can be surprising how many beautiful birds are living around us unnoticed before we offer them a place to eat. 

Here is more information on
humming bird food.

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