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humming bird feeder

Humming Bird Feeder Food

Humming Bird Feeder Food is basically two things.  Humming birds eat bugs and nectar. If you want to attract humming birds, offer them nectar in a colorful red feeder.  For a very simple recipe for humming bird feeder food click here.

Humming birds will hang out in your garden if they have bugs to eat and flowers to take nectar from.  If you hang out a humming bird feeder, you'll attract even more.

Humming birds are attracted to the color red, but it is better to use a colorful red feeder than to dye the nectar red. Some food dyes may affect the humming birds adversely. It is also important to keep the syrup fresh so it does not spoil. You can store excess in the refrigerator after you make a batch.

There are lots of wonderful humming bird feeders available in many styles.  They are usually made of a glass, plastic or ceramic and will have at least one tube for the syrup to be released.  They are not a natural source of food for the humming bird so they have to learn to use them.  If you don't get humming birds to come to your feeder, hang out another one in a different style.  They may figure out that one quicker. 

Humming birds are also attracted to tubular flowers.  If you decide to plant flowers for the humming birds some good choices are Monarda, Canna, Foxglove, Butterfly Bush, Columbine, Lupine and Yucca.

They migrate south in the fall months and come back in the spring.  Make sure you hang your feeder out soon enough in the spring with fresh syrup for the humming birds.

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