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humming bird feeder

Humming Bird Feeder Recipe

For a great humming bird feeder recipe try these easy directions.

Boil 1 cup regular granulated sugar in 4 cups water stirring til the sugar dissolves.  Let it cool and fill your feeder.  Make sure your feeders are clean when you fill them.   Refrigerate any remaining liquid and keep for up to a couple weeks.

It is important to keep your feeders clean and your nectar fresh as it will spoil. Place your feeders out early in the season so the humming birds will discover them as soon as they arrive in your area. Leave your feeders out in the fall even after it seems all the humming birds have left. Sometimes a late traveler will find your food and be extremely grateful.

Humming birds need to feed all day due to their high metabolic rate so they are constantly looking for insects and nectar.  If you grow flowers nearby, you can attract even more hummers with the flower nectar.   They particularly like red flowers and tubular blooms.  They have no sense of smell so the fragrance doesn't attract them. 

Place several humming bird feeders around so the birds have plenty of places to feed as they do tend to fight.  They can be very aggressive and nosy and will often fly near people making them very interesting to study.  Hummingbirds are some of the most popular birds to watch mostly because of their antics.  Be sure to place a feeder near a window so you can watch them from your house.  

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