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humming bird nest

Humming Bird House

A humming bird doesn't live in a humming bird house.  Humming birds build nests.  So if you would like to attract humming birds to your yard, a house is not the answer.

Humming birds are attracted to the color red.  If you put out a red nectar feeder for them, they're likely to come.  For information on how to make nectar to attract the
humming birds, click here.

You can encourage them to nest nearby by providing the materials and conditions they look for.  Humming birds are always looking for flowers to drink the nectar.  You can plant some of their favorite flowers such as bee balm, butterfly weed, columbine, foxglove, hollyhocks and delphinium.

They also require certain materials to build their nests and appropriate nesting sites.  Most nests are consist of downy plant fibers.  The humming birds use spider silk to hold it together.  A variety of plants will give the birds a choice of materials for their nests.  For more information on
humming birds and their habbits, click here.  

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