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bird feeder

Make a Bird Feeder

You can make a bird feeder out of a few simple things. Depending on the type of bird feeder you want to make, you may have the necessary materials already on hand.

You can make a simple tray bird feeder from a few pieces of wood nailed together.  You can make a nectar feeder to attract humming birds as well as others from a plastic bottle.  

Most birds love suet. You can make a simple suet feeder with a plastic mesh bag such as onions are packaged. Fill it with fat you trim off meat and hardened bacon grease. Store the fat in the refrigerator or freezer as you get enough together to partially fill a bag. Hang the bag from a tree or pole. The birds will love it.

You can also build much more complicated bird feeders with either plans or kits.  For more information on
bird feeder kits, click here.   There are some great plans for bird feeders available. From barns to castles, the possiblilties are endless. If you are particularly good at woodworking, you can design your own feeders.

For free directions to make a humming bird feeder, click here.

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