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purple martin bird house

Purple Martin Bird House

A purple martin bird house is different from most bird houses because the purple martins like to live together in communities.  Houses for purple martins usually have compartments for at least eight pair of birds such as the one pictured at the left. 

Purple martins will also move into gourd bird houses if there are enough of them placed in an area to attract the martins.  For more information on gourd bird houses, click here.

Purple martins migrate to South America in the winter but return to the same breeding spot they came from.  They prefer open grassy creeks and streams and marshland.  They will be attracted to open lawns and meadows near large bodies of water.  

Houses for purple martins are widely available as well as plans to build them.  You will enjoy these little creatures visiting your garden.   

Purple martins are sought after for insect control as they consume vast quantities of bugs.  That's one reason some of us encourage them to live nearby.

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