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rustic bird house

Rustic Bird House

A rustic bird house adds much to a country garden and can be very entertaining when a bird family moves in.  You can easily build a bird house or purchase a rustic looking one.

About fifty species of birds are known to build nests in bird houses in North America.  Each species has different preferences as to size of the house, size and location of the entrance hole, and height of the entrance hole from the floor.

The bird house needs to be kept dry inside and it will occasionally need to be cleaned out.  After the eggs have hatched and the fledglings have left the nest needs to be cleaned out to remove the parasites that are a major cause of mortality in the young birds.

The birds can also become very territorial and do not allow others of the same species to live within a certain space.

Birds also have a few predators that you want to try to help protect them from.  Placement of the bird house will determine safety of the birds.  Do not locate a bird house in a tree that is likely to have squirrels or cats climbing.  
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