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suet bird feeder

Suet Bird Feeder 

A suet bird feeder will attract many birds to your yard - especially during winter months when birds depend on suet for energy.  They are available in many different styles. Be sure to check out the  suet feeders we have for sale.

You can purchase suet at many stores,  right here, or make your own.  Here are some 
recipies for homemade suet.

You can also read about which birds eat suet by reading any of the many
books available on birds or subscribing to one of the bird magazines.

Suet can be served to the birds in many forms.  You can find a simple wire cage such as the one pictured to hold a block of suet.  Suet is also available in mesh bags.  Or you can grind it up and serve the suet on a ground feeder. 

Suet is made of animal fat which is available in most meat markets if you're going to use large quantities.  You can also purchase it in square blocks to fit wire cages for $1 or $2 a block. 

You can hang suet out in a mesh plastic bag like onions come in.  Save your fat scraps and bacon grease.  You can pour your bacon grease into shallow plastic containers and set them out for the birds.    

Commercial suet is available in many "flavors."  You may find that a particular suet with berry seeds in it brings the blue birds to you.  Suet with ground nuts may bring other species.  Some birds love peanut butter.  Experiment with the different kinds of suet to see which birds come. 

One of the nice things about suet feeders is that you don't have to refill them daily, they'll usually last for a week or two.  And you don't have to clean them out.  Many birds depend on the fat from suet to keep them alive over the winter.  You'll have many visitors to your suet bird feeders.
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