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bird house

Wholesale Bird House

To purchase wholesale bird house an order is placed for a quantity of bird houses generally for resale.  Stores that carry bird houses purchase them at wholesale cost from manufacturers  and distributors.        

Each company has its own rules about what constitutes a wholesale order.  It can be a certain quantity of bird houses  or a set dollar amount such as a $200 minimum.

You can purchase many bird houses online from many different manufacturers or find a local woodworker willing to sell wholesale.  When a manufacturer can make one sale and sell several pieces in that one sale, it is worth it to discount the price.

When choosing bird houses to purchase, look for good quality in the construction.  Many styles of houses are available.  The roof of a bird house should shed water.  It needs to slope and should overlap the front and sides.  The bird house needs to be cleaned out after it has been used so make sure there is easy access to the nesting portion.

If you are building bird houses and want to sell them wholesale you can expect to have to set the price at about one half of the retail price.  This allows the retailer to make a profit.  
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