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bird on feeder

Wild Bird Feeder

A wild bird feeder can be a source of great pleasure. It's fascinating to watch the variety of birds you can attract with a little food. A feeder can be a wire suet cage as simple as the one pictured or a fancy wooden feeder.

Different species of birds eat different foods and find them in different locations, so when you go to feed birds, you need to know that some of them eat in trees, some eat on the ground and some need the feeders located in the air on poles.

Many people especially enjoy the humming birds.  They are entertaining to watch because of their ability to hover and fly backwards.  For more information on feeding
humming birds, click here.  

If you want to attract a certain kind of bird, use the right type of feeder for that species. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something with which they are comfortable.  For information on
attracting orioles, click here.  We also have suggestions on feeding blue birds and cardinals.

Birds will eat all sorts of things, but especially they like seeds. You can put out bread, crackers, nuts apples and oranges.  We have several recipes available to mix up your own wild bird food mix.  

They need the food even more in the winter when their natural food supply is unavailable. The birds become dependent on the bird feeders so keep them well stocked in the winter.

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