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wood bird feeder

Wood Bird Feeder

A wood bird feeder is an interesting addition to a garden or yard.  The wood fits in with the natural look of the setting.  The feeder will attract many species of birds which can be amazing to watch.

There are many different styles of bird feeders that can be made out of wood.  Open or roofed tray feeders and window sill feeders can be simple to build. 

Many elaborate and simple wooden bird feeders are available online, in stores, and at craft shows.  You can find some very unusual ones. 

The birds you attract will be partially determined by the food you offer them.  Different birds will eat seed, fruit, bugs, worms, crackers, bread, suet, berries and more.  If you want to put up a bird feeder to attract a certain type of bird look into what that bird eats and offer that food in the appropriate feeder.    

Once you put up your first bird feeder, you will realize that it is like getting another pet.  The birds become a part of your life. 

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