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bird house

Wooden Bird House

A wooden bird house can be easily built or purchased to provide a home and protection for a bird family.  Plans, kits and finished commercial bird houses are available. 

If you would like to attract birds to your yard with a bird house, it's a good idea to know what species of bird you would like to extend your invitation to.  It will make a difference in the house you choose.       

Blue birds, house finch, house wren, purple martins, Northern flickers are just a few of the birds that will nest in a bird house.

There is a little maintenance to a bird house if you want to keep your birds happy and healthy.  It is necessary to clean out the old nests after the young have left the nest.  This is to get rid of parasites that will harm newly hatched eggs. 

The bird house should be constructed of durable wood that is weather resistant so it will last several years.  The inside of the house has to stay dry but the house needs to breathe so moisture will not build up.  Wood makes the best material as it provides insulation. 

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